The Most Memorable College Life

Time goes so fast. There are so many things happened during my college life. I’ll never forget these memorable memories, huge experience, amazing friends, super partner, hectic work. They will never be replaced!

1. Student Volunteer for Microsoft Partner Network Conference 2012

Working at Microsoft is such a dream come true for many computer  graduates. And trust me, once you visit this office, you’ll increasingly want to work here soon. Its atmosphere makes you feel like the luckiest employee in the world. You will love to come to this office everyday, there is no ‘monday’ to be hated here.

IMG_20120912_171021 pagaralam-0031IMG_20120913_060251IMG_20120913_063510 pagaralam-0032IMG_20120913_110228

Located in 18th floor of Tower II Jakarta Stock Exchange Building, you will amaze with the view from Jakarta Skyline. The architecture is also interesting, it looks so metro with full-color touch. And hey, look at that Gamelan! Microsoft really appreciate our culture by presenting a variety of Indonesian traditional heritage. Bored at work? Find your mood booster in the pantry! Not only free drinks, but also there are some interisting games here.

2. Student Journalist at Sriwijaya Post


Been contacted by Chief Editor of Sriwijaya Post on September 2012, It was a huge honor for me. We have been contracted to work for a year or 50 editions that published in every week.Work with many college student from various university, I could learn so many things here, responsibility, hard work, time management, public speaking, writing the stories up on a tight deadline, and that’s all make me realize that be a journalist is really not an easy profession.

IMG_20121125_111530 IMG_20121202_203934 IMG_20130702_202442

3. Lovely Achievements

??????????????????????????????? IMG_20130827_173157 20082011060

Runner up and favorite winner of Line Follower Robotics Program 2012, 1st Winner of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 2013, and Best Idea in ON | OFF CHAT Palembang 2011, I’ve never imagined before to achieve these.

3. Meet Up with Great Person and Community 

424844_1942498260023_1769462123_970545_1401202466_n 429833_3541691349227_1480766024_3285523_1923004762_n 20082011051 DSC09990 23042011858 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_5016 IMG_2429 IMG_4957 IMG_50041908201104401112011384 DSC0191708042011752 20102011355 24122011814IMG_0094

Feeling so blessed to see and meet them in my life. Ex-Lepass (1-19), Tumblr Palembang, Palembang bloggers, my school friends, Teater Tubun,COMERS (Computer Engineering and Robotics Society),Nulis Buku Club Unsri, komunitas bicara and trijaya FM community, Palembang Socmed admin, Young On TOp Palembang, Anak-anak Panti, Premiere pengejar angin (Hanung Bramantyo), Senior high school Teacher community, Dr. Ir. Endra Pitowarno M.Eng, Himasisko, Wahyu aditya and his community, My ITB best friend, onno W Purbo, and many more! I still wanna meet so many great talented people and community.

4. Lab and Research Hectic

180120121142 ???????????????????????????????IMG_20130328_09375910122011727 DSC00033 IMG_20130629_091235


5. Friends that never be replaced

IMG_3062DSCN8450 DSCN0063IMG_4862 IMG_9543uploadsk2 PICT0343 IMG_5414

:’ will always remember these awesome memories! Thank you my friends!


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