Jakarta Backpacker District

Sumber gambar : http://www.berita8.com/berita/2012/06/festival-jalan-jaksa-resmi-dibuka
Sumber gambar : http://www.berita8.com/berita/2012/06/festival-jalan-jaksa-resmi-dibuka

What do you see in that picture? Khaosan Road Bangkok? Petaling street KL? No, that’s in Jakarta, precisely in Jalan Jaksa, a home for every backpacker from many countries. You will get everything you need in there as a backpacker, you will find the cheap hostel, tasty food, and an international atmosphere in central Jakarta . Previously when I visited Jakarta I’ve never thought that there’s a place like this in Jakarta. Yes, I always stay in my family’s house or in a hotel.  So in last august and early September, I have to stay in Jakarta for attending some job interview.  I tried to find some information about the cheap hotel in Jakarta besides in kebon kacang, Tanah Abang. And I found some information about Jalan Jaksa. Then I planned to feel its atmospher. I’m curious to know more about this district. And obviously, this area is really recommended for all backpacker in Jakarta. Why?

Jalan Jaksa Nightlife
Jalan Jaksa Nightlife

1. The cheap hostel

There are so many hostel in this area. And surprisingly, with the clean and green atmosphere, I just need to pay Rp 70K/ night (Fan, single bed, toilet oustside), RP 95K/ night (two bed, fan, and toilet outside) and Rp 150 K/ night (two bed, Air Conditioner, and toilet outside). You can try bloem steen hostel (recommended-Tourist favorite hostel), borneo hostel,  and many more, click the link for hostel information http://jalan-jaksa.indonesia-e.info/en/hotels/.

2. Tasty Food

Along the road, you will find so many cafe/pub/ resto/ or warteg (Indonesia Traditional Resto). There are Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Kebab, pecel lele, Makanan Sunda, Nasi goreng, Satai, and many more.You don’t need to worry how to find a tasty, hygienist , and also the cheap food here. Starting with Rp 7K, you can eat as much as you want! And I’ve seen a bule (Foreigner Tourist) enjoyed his ‘nasi goreng telor’ only with Rp 9K, :D! When the night comes, there will so many street sellers here. They offer Indonesia traditional food such as kerak telor, nasi goreng, satai, gorengan, juice, tropical fruits, etc.

3. In Central Jakarta

It’s easy to find the Jalan Jaksa, it’s near woth Monas, Gambir station, Bundaran HI, Sarinah. You can go there with kopaja, taxi, or Trans Jakarta. If you decide to choose Busway or Trans Jakarta, use Blok M- Kota route and stop in Sarinah Bus Stop. Then, you can walk (1 KM) or use ojek (motor cycle taxi)/ bajaj.

Busway Ticket : Rp 3,5K, Motor Cycle Taxi : Rp 10K

4. Utilities

It’s not only hostel and cafe, Jalan Jaksa also offers mini market (Indo Maret, Circle K, Sevel, lawson), money changer,  travel agent, internet cafe, book store, mosque, laundry.

Jalan Jaksa offers what backpacker needs, it’s a truly home for every backpackers in Jakarta. So, why you doubt to visit jekardah? Just Enjoy Jakarta!


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