Thank You, Sriwijaya Post!


I still can’t believe that it has been a year for me to join this student journalist community. If you read my post about Limass (Lembaran Inspirasi Mahasiswa Sumsel), you will know that Limass is one of my best experience. And now, it’s time for me to say goodbye to this organization. Yes, I have finished my job in 54 editions (extended a month). I started this job from September 2012 and ended in october 2013.  I still remember how excited we were for the first edition, and now we have to publish our last edition ;( .The atmosphere, the partner, the office, the deadline, we’ll miss it so much.


And I would say thanks for sriwijaya Post for giving me this opportunity. I have learned so many things here, how to write, how to interview, all about journalistic. Sriwijaya post (sripo) is extraordinary newspaper for me, Sripo gives a space for students to publish their writings and creativity. Sriwijaya post is also special for me because not only in Limass (college) but also I have joined this company from Lepass (senior high school). So, once more, thank you so much sriwijaya post, keep ‘giving a spirit for wong kito’, And success! Thanks for teaching me about journalistic.

IMG_5010 IMG_1445 IMG_4921  IMG_5004 IMG_4957 IMG_2429 IMG_5016

And for our next generation: This is your space, so be creative and use it as well as! Put your idea, this is your opportunity to be a good journalist and writer, also as a worker. So, welcome to your new office, your new home, your new partner and your new family. Make limass younger and keep inspiring guys!



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